Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Li Ka Shing Bullish on Gold

Di bawah ini penulis sajikan riset dari salahs satu investor value terhandal yang track recordnya tidak diragukan mengenai prospek Gold.  

Artikel ini terutama mengungkapkan apa dan mengapa Konglomerat Li Ka Shing sedang fokus mengalokasikan asetnya pada Gold bullion dalam skala yang belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya.

Artikel ini juga menyajikan youtube dalam wawancara dengan 2 investor dan pelaku emas terhandal di dunia. Smoga bisa menjadi insight ke depan menjelang XAUGOLD  $3000 troy ounce dalam  3 sehingga 5 tahun ke depan. 

Posisi XAUUSD tanggal 19 April 2017 1286.44 per troy ounce. 

Li Ka-shing is one of the best examples of rags to riches, and he is a person worth studying, especially because of his strong beliefs in gold.

Li is the richest man in mainland China. His net worth exceeds $30bn. He is 88 now, and at the age of 30, he was a small plastic flower factory owner.

He made a commitment to wealth and to building a fortune for his family's sake, and he now wants to protect his massive fortune.  

His business empire stretches across the globe, with interests in everything from ports, utilities, and telecom to real estate and retail. His companies employ over 310,000 people in more than 50 nations.

Knowing that no one lives forever, he is making sure his life's work is completely under his control, and he is taking drastic measures to protect his immense riches.


One of the most influential people in the world -- a person whose companies include the largest health and beauty retailer in Asia and Europe -- is not only bullish on gold, but wants to build his own personal gold hoard!

This story, along with critical details about global geopolitics, were outlined in a rare joint interview my good friend Sean, of SGT Report, conducted with Rick Rule and Amir Adnani.

Rick is not only regarded as one of the statures of the resource sector, but by many, he is seen as the No. 1 value investor in mining. His closest contacts define him as mathematical, precise, and a man of facts. He also has impeccable memory, and remembers details like very few people do.

Amir is following in the footsteps of Bob Quartermain, Ross Beaty, Robert Friedland, and other billionaire mining tycoons who have successfully used the sophisticated optionality business model and made shareholders legendary profits!


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